Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Are you wearing the right bra for your dirndl?

The dirndl is a garment that accentuates and celebrates femininity! If you want to present your bosom at its' very best (and let's face it, we all do!) then you simply must wear the right bra!

The Dirndl Bra - was ist das?

A dirndl bra is one specifically designed to be worn under your dirndl. It will lift your bust into the most flattering position and make your bosom look fabulous!
  • The dirndl bra is an underwired push-up bra with straps closer to the armpits, which is essential as the dirndl blouse has a wider neckline.
  • The rounded cup shape accentuates the bosom more fully; the three quarter cup design (which differs from a regular bra) ensuring a visible upper lift.
  • The dirndl bra is often embellished with bows, trims and embroidery (because your underwear should always be as gorgeous as your dirndl)!

Dirndl Bra

Why should you wear a Dirndl Bra?

A normal, everyday bra typically only has a support function, whereas the dirndl bra also has the added benefit of creating the perfect shape. They are not specifically for the fuller bust size, they are also super beneficial to those women endowed with the smaller bust sizes. The dirndl bra lifts the bosome and highlights the plunging cleavage to ensure a show stopper every time!
Ecro Blouse with Dirndl Bra

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Secret of the Dirndl Apron Bow

A secret only a few know is that in fact the apron bow on a woman's Dirndl indicates her marital status. Here we explain so that you are in the know and that no misunderstandings can happen to you!
Dirndl apron bow on the right side
Women, who wear the Dirndl bow on their right, signalize that their status is - taken! Because the wearer has found her happiness in love already, this means: Look but don't touch!
Dirndl apron bow in the middle
Tying the Dirndl bow in the middle front of the dress has two meanings: Virgin - for anyone over the age of 18 and Child for anyone under the age of 18.
Therefore, Tying the bow this way can attract a lot of incredulous looks, especially when the wearers themselves don't know its meaning. Different from what you might think (left-free, right-taken, middle-unsure?), these women are definitely not uncertain about their marital status.

Dirndl apron bow on the left side
Women who tie their apron on their left side, are single and ready to mingle. Flirting is also allowed, if not even desirable. However, the bow on the left side is not an open invitation or excuse for an immediate physical contact.
Dirndl apron bow in the backDirndl apron bow tied in the back can have two meanings - either the woman is a widow or a waitress. But that should be easy to decipher. Simply base your conclusion on the presence or absence of beer mugs in the woman's hands.

Friday, 12 August 2016

How To: Clean Your Dirndl!

We all know half the fun of wearing a dirndl is getting to go out and enjoy some food, drinks and good times with your friends and family! The not-so-good part is figuring out how to clean it after you've worn it. So here are our top tips for cleaning your dirndl so it will be ready to pull out for your next party (especially as Oktoberfest is fast approaching)!
Please note: whilst the recommendations below may be helpful, not every dirndl, blouse & apron would suit our washing instructions. We recommend following the instructions on the tag of your garment. Or if in doubt, ask us or have a chat with your dry cleaner!

1. Washing Your Blouse

The fabulous thing about your blouse is that it is only a small garment and the easiest to clean! When your blouse has perhaps caught some sauerkraut  or some sweet mustard, be grateful that it was your easy-to-clean blouse that caught it first and not your gorgeous dirndl!
Most blouses are made from a mixture of cotton & polyester and the best way to clean them is to put them straight in the washing machine on a gentle cycle at 30deg celsius. From there, you can simply put them straight in the dryer or hang them out in the gorgeous sunshine! See? Easy!!

blouses 2

2. Washing Your Dirndl

Dirndls are made from so many varying materials, depending on what brand and style they are. We recommend either dry-cleaning or spot cleaning yourself. Even though most dirndls are made from machine-washable materials, it's the gorgeous detail that you don't want to ruin!

3. Washing Your Apron

Much like the dirndl, aprons come in so many varying materials. Given that the apron is generally the part of your outfit to get the dirtiest, sometimes spot cleaning just won't do the job! We definitely recommend checking the tag or seeing what your dry-cleaner says.

Schnucki xx